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Traditional Cladding Accessories

Our range of cladding accessories allows you to create the perfect finish for your Piranha cladding installation. We offer accessories to accompany our traditional cladding including fascia trims, corner trims, end trims and fixing clips with screws.

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Traditional Cladding Fascia Trims: Designed to cover the ends and corners of traditional cladding installations

Clips & Screws: To assist with the simple installation of Traditional Composite Cladding

Cladding Accessories


All of our traditional cladding fascia trims are available in the same 3 colours as the cladding range itself, adding the perfect finishing touch which will ensure consistency in colour throughout the finish.

  • Joining Fascia Trim - Creates a joint between two cladding pieces
  • Outside Corner Fascia Trim - For use around window and door apertures
  • Inside Corner Fascia Trim - Used on inside corners where two cladding joins meet
  • End Fascia Trim - Designed for either end of cladding installations and around window or door apertures
  • Traditional Starter Strip - Required at the start of Traditional Cladding installations
  • Traditional Cladding Clip & Screw - Compatible for use with Traditional Cladding boards
  • Coloured Fixing Screws - Fixing screws matching the 3 colours of Shadow Gap Cladding

For full installation guidance and FAQS, please visit the Piranha Knowledge Hub.