TerraFuzion Decking Clips

  • TerraFuzion Decking Accessories

We offer a range of clips for the Piranha TerraFuzion decking range to assist with your installation - these include:

  • End Clips With Screws

  • TerraFuzion Universal/Edging Clips With Screws

  • Starter Clips With Screws

  • TerraFuzion Slim Clip

Clips for use with TerraFuzion decking

  • Piranha Starter Clips with a black screw (25 per box)

  • TerraFuzion Universal/Edging Clips with black screw (100 per box)

  • Piranha End Clips with black screw (25 per box)

  • Piranha Slim Clips with black screw (25 per box)

For installation guides, product guidance and FAQs, visit the Piranha Knowledge Hub.

Product Specifications
Board Length - External Use Thickness
Pack Weight
Nominal Coverage
per pack (linear m)
per pack
Edge Board 3600 x140mm 23 1200 403.20 112
Fascia Board 3600x120mm 10 830 576.0 160

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