Premium Inside Corner Trim

  • Premium Accessories

This premium inside corner fascia trim is to be used on inside corners of a premium cladding installation where two joins meet, to allow for a neat corner. Ideal for use around window and door apertures.

Premium Cladding Inside Corner Trim

  • 4 Colours available

  • Woodgrain finish

  • Allows for a neat and professional finish to the cladding

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Product Specifications
Board Length - External Use Thickness
Pack Weight
Nominal Coverage
per pack (linear m)
per pack
End Fascia Trim 3600 x 60mm 47 1728 1728 440
Inside Corner Fascia Trim 3600 x 70mm Inside 70 1964 1267.2 196
Joining Fascia Trim 3600 x 79mm 45 1027 950.4 408
Outside Corner Fascia Trim 3600 x 69mm 69 1241 806.4 324

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